Monday, December 27, 2010

Feeny vs. Keres (12/13/72)

My father, Thomas Michael Feeny, Jr., passed away on November 2, 2010 (May 16, 1935 - November 2, 1010). While going through his effects, I stumbled upon this little gem.  This is the score sheet for a chess match my father played against the great Paul "The Crown Prince of Chess" Keres.  Keres (January 7, 1916 – June 5, 1975) was an Estonian chess grandmaster who, for nearly thirty years (1936-1965), ranked among the top ten chess players in the world (famous in part for being the greatest player never to have won the World Chess Championship).  In the December 13, 1972 game reflected on this score sheet, Keres playing White, used the Sicilian opening and my Dad played Black. The result? Keres resigned.

The photograph was taken on, I believe, December 13, 1972.  Keres is standing and my father is seated at the back left (glasses, bald, beard and moustache, heavy set, light colored shirt).

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